Ultimate Dodgeball

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Teaching and playing Ultimate Dodgeball, in conjunction with BHF Ultimate Dodgeball Pack


3 Foam Balls, Hall large enough to play


Teams of 6, each playing each other once.
Using the Dodgeball Rules detailed in the teaching packs from The British Heart Foundation
Balls are place in the middle of the hall, once the whistle is blown teams rush to get a ball, only 3 from each team are allowed to get the balls.
To get people out they must be hit below the shoulder, once they are out they must stand to the side of the court.
If the ball hits a person above the shoulders then the person who throw the ball is out, players are also out if they cross over the halfway line.
If a person catches the ball then the person who throw the ball is out and a member of the team of the person who caught the ball may rejoin the game.
The game will go on until either all of one team are out or the time is up, you can decide how long the games last ideal time would be 5 minutes.
we are spending a whole meeting doing this and all the cubs are being sponsored to help the BHF, with 20% being kept by the Scout Group, a fantastic way to get the Cubs, or Scouts, fit and to increase the funds of the Pack or the Troop.

We will spend 2 meetings prior the tournament so we can teach the rules and the basics, ideal for the Fitness badge.
You can also use this to talk about charities

See the lesson notes below for each of the meetings
Lesson 2 could be spread over 2 meetings.

Timings will vary from 30 minutes to what ever you need.


  • BHF
  • charity
  • Dodgeball
  • fitness

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