Doing Your Best

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Through others examples, cubs are encouraged to think about how people achieve their goals, and look for parallels in their own examples


Printed worksheets


Print the info sheet and cut into strips, give every cub one strip and put cubs into pairs. Explain that the cubs are not allowed to show anyone else their piece of paper.
Give each pair a worksheet, explain that there is an answer to fit every box on a piece of paper, they need to match up the answer with the correct box.
Working in their pair, they must try and find an answer to put in every box by asking other cubs for information. They should write down everything they find out.
There are only six things to go in “other achievements” boxes cubs can leave the last ones blank or invent their own to go in the box.

Once they have completed as much as they can, they should go on to the other side, choose one of the people and then answer the questions.

Follow up:
Cubs should discuss things that they have achieved – where they did their best, and the training they did, challenges they faced, and help they received.


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