Friendship bracelet

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Make a woollen bracelet to give to another member of the colony or keep for yourself.

International - Friendship bracelets can have many meanings and symbolic uses, such as friendship, folk art, or social statements. Although it is generally accepted that the origins of these colorful bands lie with the indigenous people of Central and South America, some decorative knots can be traced back to China from 481 to 221 BC. The card circle technique is the Kumihimo technique. Kumihimo is Japanese for “gathered threads”, and is an ancient Japanese form of braid-making.


Different coloured wools, stiff cardboard, scissors.


Cut a circle for each bracelet out of cardboard, approximately 9cm in diameter. Punch a small hole in the centre of each circle and cut 8 slits about 1cm long around the outside of each circle, evenly spaced. Cut 5 lengths of wool (50cm), each length sufficient to fit times around the wrist. Cut a 6th length twice the length of the other pieces. Fold this piece of wool in half and tie all pieces together leaving a loop of sufficient size to use as a fastening for the bracelet. Push the looped end of the wool down through the hole in the centre of the cardboard circle. Pull the wool upwards so that the knot is tight against the bottom of the hole and then fan out each piece of wool , slotting each piece down through a separate slit on the outside of the cardboard circle. There should now be a spare slit without any wool through it. Counting anticlockwise from the slit, take the 6th piece of wool out of its slit and put it into the spare slit. Again go to the new spare slit, count anticlockwise 6 pieces of wool, take that piece out of it's slit and put it into the spare slit. Continue in this manner until you have a bracelet long enough to fit around the Beaver's wrist. Remove all wool from the cardboard wheel and tie off the ends to the loop you made at the start. The bracelet can remain on the wrist until it is cut off.

The attached file gives slightly different instructions but the final item will be the same, Instructions courtesy of

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