Capture The Flag

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A TEAM based wide game envolving 2 teams in oppostion.


2 x Flags or Glow Sticks / Ball of wool / Whistle / Scouts with lots of energy / 2 lengths of rope


Play in a field or wooded area with defined boundaries.
Tie a piece of wool to each Scout's arm which becomes their life.
Elect a patrol leader on each team to take the flag to either end of the area and set up a base with a ring of rope around it (safe area).
Team A & B attack the opposing team's safe area to capture the flag & return it to their base.
The safe area is SAFE; if a member of A is in B's area then they cannot have their life taken and vice versa. Once out of the safe zone they are fair game.
If they loose their life they can have it renewed by a leader (x number of times in a game).
Run it for as long as you can stand, as the teams will naturally elect defenders, attackers etc and eventually when free for all ensues..... blow the whistle. Watch out for physical contact levels as some Scouts can get quite boisterous once the adrenaline starts flowing!


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