Patrol Hut Hike

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Patrol leaders plan and arrange a patrol hike for a meeting evening. They select a start point and hike back to the hut/hall.


Map, compass, torch, warm clothing, provisions, an adult if necessary.


The task is spread over two evenings.

On the first evening, set out the objective of the task and spend part of the evening letting the patrol leader plan the hike with his patrol. Identify a leader or responsible adult (parent) that can join them on the hike.
The hike may be rural or urban, depending on hut location etc, but should be varied enough that part of the hike is untrodden territory for them as far as possible.
They should use the route planning sheet and Naismiths rule to check the distance can be accomplished in the time.

On second evening, the patrol meet at their start position and set off. Might be a good idea to have the mobile phone number of the adult to keep up-to-date with their progress.

The patrol should show that they have followed their route etc.


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