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Communal artwork - Portrait of Baden-Powell


2x A3 Picture of Baden-Powell divided with a numbered grid (one to be cut up and handed to scouts, the other for reference later)
Sufficient Square pieces of paper for Scouts to draw on.


Draw grid on A3 picture of Baden-Powell and then photocopy (Number each square)
Cut one A3 picture into squares (the other is for reference when reassembling the picture)
Distribute squares to scouts.
Scouts then copy their square onto the larger blank paper.
Collate all scouts hand drawn squares and reassemble into a portrait of BP.

If possible incorporate scouting activities into each square - using writing in different colours, or large block letters coloured in.

Scouts can use life-like colours, or can use any colours they like as long as the shapes in each square are as accurate as they can make them.

Each scout can use either paint, pencil crayon, felt-tip pen or a mixture.

Each scout may complete up to 2 squares.

Display completed artwork.


  • artist
  • creative
  • Drawing
  • painting

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