Buddy Burner

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Create a stove out of a tuna tin, cardboard and wax.


Tuna tin
Corrugated cardboard
Wax (old candles)

And a large tin


Cut the cardboard into a long strip the same height as the inner dimension of the tuna tin. The corrugated ridges should be going width-ways, so that it can be easily rolled.

Roll the cardboard into a tight spiral, and put into the tuna tin.

Insert a few candle wicks.

Melt wax in a saucepan, and pour into the cardboard/tin.

Allow to cool.

Cut a flap in the open end of an opened large tin (catering sized/large fruit tin) to allow the tuna tin to slide into it. Cut some smoke/ventilation holes nearer the top as well.

To operate, light the buddy burner, and slide it into the large tin. You can use tin foil as a damper to control the heat. Cook food on the top of the large can, or cut the top off and stick a saucepan on it.


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