Introduction to morse code

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Introduce scouts to sending and receiving morse code messages using torches

In the daylight , arms position could be used instead of torches:
Line: both arms lined up
Dot: one arm line up


Morse crib sheets
Torches with morse keys
Messages to send
"Answer sheets" with some letters filled in


Preferably outdoors at night... As this is the first time scouts have sent morse, the receiving group can use the answer sheet which has boxes to fill in so that they can see how many letters in each word, and a few of the letters are filled in for them to help them keep on track. One group sends a message (groups of five are best I think) and another group of about the same size receives the message (one scout can watch for the flashes and call out dot-dot-dash. Another scout can look this up on the crib sheet and a third can write down morse and forth write translated letters and fifth can verify words.


  • morse code

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