Port and Starboard

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A few new twists to an old favourite - especially for Sea Scouts




This game can be played indoors or outdoors although you must be able to allocate a square/ rectangle and to give each side a name - Port, Starboard, Lifeboat, Bridge

When the leader calls out one of the areas all Scoutsmust run to that side.

There are various other commands that you can call:

Captain's Coming - Scouts must stand to attention and salute
Man Overboard - Scouts must sit down a pretend to row a boat
Climb the Riggings - Scouts must mimmick climbing up a ladder
Port quarter
Starboard quarter
sit on the gunwhales (benches)
on the bridge

Port Tack - Scouts turn backs to the Port side and pretend to haul in sheet
Starboard tack - opposite of port tack!!
Run with the wind - turn back on stern and hold mainsheet
Ready about! (only called from Port or Starboard tack) - Scouts look around and shout Ready!.
Lee-ho - change tack

3 Men on a Island - Scouts must get into groups of three (any number can be used - anyone who cannot make up the number required is out)
Shark Infested Waters - Scouts must lie down on their fronts and pretend to swim.
In most cases the last Scout there or to complete a command is out, or into the sin bin


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