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Discuss the effect of exercise on your body(In a Heartbeat)


 You Need:
 Small Marshmallows
 Toothpicks
 Plastic Straws cut into 4 inch “sticks


Leader needs to demonstrate this experiment first.
1. Insert the straw stick into the marshmallow
2. Insert the toothpick into the straw
3. Lay your left hand, palm up and still, on a table
Find your wrist pulse and stand the marshmallow on top of the pulse point and carefully watch the tip of the straw.
Sure enough you will see the straw twitch with each pulse.
Explain that Heartbeats are measured in minutes.
Ladybirds can count your beats.

Set the Ladybirds in groups of 2/3 so that they can perform the experiment on each other, one counting, finding the pulse etc until all have a turn
You can take this further by maybe running around the hall for a few laps and let the girls see that your heartbeat has increased.


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