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List places where it is safe to swim and explain why you should never swim alone (Well Done and Danger Board Game)


 Water Safety Well Done and Danger Board Game (enlarge to A3)
 Print WELL Done Cards on Yellow card
 Print Danger Cards on Red Card
 4 Dice
 Token marker for each Brownie


Aim of Badge
To develop water safety awareness

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed


Give each Six a copy of the Water Safety Board Games, Well Done/ Danger Cards, dice and token per Brownie.
Sixer shuffles the cards mixing the red and yellow cards.
Place shuffled cards on the board

For Round One

The first Brownie rolls the dice and moves forward the number of squares.
This Brownie then picks up first card from the pile reads the statement and completes the additional moves
Each Brownie in the Six repeats these actions

For each additional rounds

Game continues without rolling the dice by simply picking up the next card from the pile.
When all cards have been used they are shuffled again and the game continues until a Brownie reaches finish.

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Attachments Board Game and Well Done and Danger Cards per Six


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