Obstacle Relay

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Relay game




Seperate Beavers or Cubs into teams (around 4 or 5 in a group)
Lay out hockey sticks, hula hoops, a chair and a skittle (or other type of object that can be used as a batton).
Beavers must jump over the hockey stick 5 times.
Then run to the hula hoop. Stand in it and pull in over your head and replace it on the floor.
Run to the chair and crawl underneath it.
Run to the skittle and pick it up.
Then run back to the team and hand the skittle over to the next person in the team.
The next person in the team then runs the relay, replacing the skittle at the end.
The sequence then repeats.


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  • obstacle course
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  • relay
  • relay race

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