Free Being Me Session Two Make your own Media Magazine Cover (11-14 years)

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Girls understand that there is a fantastic alternative to following the Image Myth.


A piece of paper per Guide
coloured pencils
any other art supplies


What to do
Now you’ve left Gloss and decided to start up your own magazine, one that helps girls feel good about the way they look.Your challenge is to come up with ideas together for the cover page of the magazine.

1)Design meeting (10 mins)
Your magazine team is running out of time to get a design of the magazine cover done by the deadline! Work together to come up with a plan.
Ask the groups to consider three things:

a.Pictures: What pictures will you choose to show that there are lots and lots of different ways real people look?
b.Headlines: What will your headline stories be? There should be two (or more) pieces of advice for girls or boys on how to promote body confidence.
c.Magazine name: How will your magazine’s name be inspiring, exciting and promote body confidence?

2)Individual cover ideas (10 mins)
The editor has decided every individual should come up with their own design for your magazine cover, to help decide what should be on it and how it will look.

Ask each participant to create their own design for the magazine cover that fits their team’s design guidelines, being as creative as they want to be.Ensure they include all three points (picture, headlines and magazine name) agreed at their design meeting.

3)Report Back (10 mins)

Ask the design teams to put up their ideas for their magazine cover on a wall.
Ask each group in turn to pitch their ideas – either to the larger group if there is time, or to another group. Remind participants to talk about the three points agreed at their design meeting (picture, headlines and magazine name).
After each group has spoken, ask them a bit more about their ideas:

Why did you choose those pictures? How do they help you show an alternative to the Image Myth?

How do you think your headline stories will help girls or boys see the Image Myth is impossible, or see the downsides to trying to look like it?

How does your magazine name help girls or boys see they don’t need to take notice of the pressure to look like the Image Myth?

If they would like to spend more time on these covers, encourage participants to take them home.

Thank you for your ideas, they were fantastic!


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