IGG GUIDE Choice Challenge LIFESKILLS ADVENTURE 08 (Simple Recipes & Kit lists)

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Take part in a cookout using an open fire or lightweight stove e.g. Trangia, portable gas cooker


 Altar fire (borrow from another unit or scouts)
 Kit list
 Wood /kindling
 Lighter /storm matches


To encourage new guiders and guides to cook on an open fire
Cooking is not just a hit and miss job it is something you perfect with practice and is a vital part of guiding challenges.

First time cooking the emphasis is on
• Fun
• Simple food
• Cooked quickly with minimum fuss

1. In patrols plan a simple meal that meets all dietary requirements of the patrol
2. Ingredients needed
3. Equipment required
4. Basic first aid
5. Pick the venue and date

Debrief -before the cookout
Discuss the menus with the guides, look at their kit list. As this is their first time and your first time on an open fire the aim is fun with a nice meal, choose simple recipes, bring your own wood /briquettes, use firelighters, storm matches or a lighter. Have a simple dessert Guides love s’mores which can be made on the open fire when all washup is completed.
The next time you cook you can challenge the unit to not take all the short cuts.
Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes 2 pages
Kit list and simple recipe ideas


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