IGG Senior Branch GLOBAL AWARENESS Choice Challenge 01

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Investigate how your life is different from that of girls living in other parts of the world from you. What challenges do you each face? How is their life going to lead to different experiences?




PREPARATION: On the cardboard, write a selection of the words/phrases below, so that each piece of cardboard has a word/phrase on it. You can repeat words as often as you like:
• Food (non perishable items)
• Books and dictionaries
• Personal things: photographs and letters from friends
• Medical supplies – 1st aid kit
• Money
• Toiletries: shampoo, soap etc.
• Warm clothes
• Summer clothes
• Pets
• Music: ipod or an instrument


• At the start of your meeting, divide the girls into pairs. Explain to the Group that they have to leave Ireland, perhaps forever. This is what they know: -They are leaving with their immediate family – parents & siblings
• They don’t know what country they are going to -They don’t know how they will get to the new country. It may be very time-consuming.
• Indicate the pile of cardboard shapes in the hall. Tell the girls that each pair must choose three items. Once they have made their choice, they will have to keep the items with them for the rest of the meeting. If they want to, they can exchange items with other pairs.
• Give the girls enough time (about 10 minutes) to look at all the items and bargain a little. At the end, call time sharply (say, with a whistle), and tell them that they must now keep whatever they’re holding. The team must guard this carefully.
• For the rest of the meeting, the Leaders can try to take the possessions if they are not guarded.
• Carry on with the rest of the meeting until around 15 minutes before the end and ask the girls to sit in the circle. Discuss the activity.

Debriefing and evaluation:

• How did it go? What was difficult?
• How did they find choosing which items to bring with them?
• What other information would they have liked to have known?
• Did they lose any of their items over the evening?
• What feelings did the activity create?

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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