Survival Tubs

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Making survival tubs with materials to easily light fires.

This activity was designed with scouts in mind but could be adapted for any age section


Takeaway Tubs
Cotton Wool
Tin foil
Bushcraft knives


This activity is split up into a number of smaller activities that is best to rotate around doing.

Activity 1: Windproof matches and Cotton Wool Firelighters
1. Give the scouts a tea light/candle and get them to light it so it melts, leave it on the side while they melt
2. Meanwhile give the scouts a few balls of cotton wool
3. From a tub of vaseline, smear a small lump (about the size of a small fingernail) into the vaseline
4. Wrap the cotton wool firelighter in tin foil
5. Once the candles have melted, give the scouts a few matches each
6. Get them to coat the end of the matches in wax

Activity 2: Wood shavings
1. Get the scouts to go out and find some wood (or you might need to bring some beforehand)
2. Using bushcraft knives, get the scouts to flay the wood into shavings which they can keep in their tub to start a fire with.


  • cotton wool
  • firelighting
  • Gadgets
  • outdoors
  • survival

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