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Paper Heart Decoration


 Pen or pencil
 Paper in festive colours
 White card
 Glue stick
 Scissors
 Length of string
 1 decorative bead or button
 Adhesive tape
 Themed embellishment.


Introduction: This craft can be made for all occasions by changing the shape of the decoration and/embellishment on the front.

1. Fold a piece of decorative paper in two. Draw a heart on one side and cut out. At this point you should have two hearts.
2. Cut out a third heart (the same size) from a piece of card.
3. Glue the back of one of the decorative paper hearts onto the card and leave to one side for the glue to dry completely.
4. Thread both ends of the string through a bead or button to create a loop.
5. Attach the end of the string to the back of the card with glue or tape.
6. Attach the back of the second decorative paper heart on top of the string and back of card and allowed to dry. Trim along the sides if necessary.
7. You can cut around edge with a pinking scissors if you wish.
8. Attach an embellishment to suit the occasion e.g. Happy Mother’s Day, a poem, etc.


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