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Walking Water


 3 empty glasses or jars (see-through containers) of the same size for each group
 Water
 Food Colouring
 Kitchen Paper Towel


Aim of Badge:
To discover STEM in an easy and fun way, through simple experiments and activities.

This Badge has 12 options of which 5 must be completed
(1 Leader Demonstration Option and 4 Ladybird Options)


1. Choose the two colours you want to mix (See overleaf)
2. Place the three glass containers in a line
3. Fill the container at each end with water and add five drops of food colouring
4. Cut a sheet of kitchen roll in half and then fold it into quarters lengthwise
5. Stick one end of the paper towel into the coloured water and the other end into the empty middle container
6. It’s a good idea to test your paper towel strip to make sure they fit properly in your glass containers. They should be able to go from the bottom of one glass to the next without sticking up in the air too much. (see picture overleaf)
7. Leave aside for at least 20 minutes
8. How does this experiment work? (see overleaf)



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  • Branch Weekend 2018
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  • Interest Badge Ladybird STEM
  • South West Regional Conference 2018
  • STEM
  • Trefoil News Summer 2018
  • walking water

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